Six-month Accelerated Design Sprint Programme

A programme for large companies to completely re-engineer how they approach deep business change.

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Design Sprints at Scale

What is the Six-month Accelerated Design Sprint programme?

Over six months, we'll accelerate innovation within your business, train your teams on the methods and together, start creating six products or features over six months.

Teams will learn how Sprints can improve the speed of delivery, and follow the process with one of our seasoned facilitators.


Learn to focus on what matters fast, by enabling teams to learn the principles of business, what success metrics are relevant and starting a culture of complete transparency.


Our Experience Design and Product Strategy experts will lead your teams and share what they know, imparting the knowledge, process and tools they need to succeed.


We drive momentum and begin engaging the whole organisation in high impact, low effort method to delivering value fast.

Design Sprints Workshop

Use cases for the programme

  • digital transformation
  • organisational change
  • creative projects
  • business model validation
  • improving failing products
  • web projects
  • new startup ideas
  • large software products
  • revising internal design processes
  • getting unstuck from a sticky decision
  • aligning the team
  • …and many others


Practical progress

We'll run 1 Design Sprint each month for six months.

During that time, we'll identify future facilitators, how Sprint teams should be sustained and how the rest of the business can buy-in to the transformation.

Outcome-focussed Practice

After six-months, your organisation would've market-tested six product improvements or new features, even new products with real users to de-risk the time and cost in production and launch.

Innovation won't be something simply talked about. The proof will be in the products.


About us

Etch Sprints was specifically started to meet a growing need from companies needing to use a better way of working to help meet customer expectations of value.

Choosing Etch Sprints as a consulting partner will enable your business to get outside knowledge, inside and enable that problem solving capability to grow with your own people.


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Priced from £50,000 + VAT.

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