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Design Sprint Training

What does training look like?

We run a 2-day deep dive with your team where they'll get to work on the key workshop activities and see what prototyping and user testing look like.

Why learn the Design Sprint?

Now, more than ever, the demands on businesses to innovate and deliver fast are necessary.

Silicon-valley startups have demonstrated the new normal. Most businesses are undergoing some form of transformation to become more user-centred, more focussed on making better products / services and to innovate faster than ever before.

Being at the very forefront of the practice, we are helping make the Design Sprint even easier so that any team can use it. Bring your team and we'll bring a seasoned facilitator to upskill your team to think different and execute upon ideas - fast!

Design Sprint Training

What is the Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is a step-by-step process for answering critical business and product questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

Developed at Google, and then GV, it is the best of business strategy, innovation, behaviour science, design thinking, and more — packaged into a way of working that any team can use.

We teach the four-day Design Sprint, which is often considered to be the update to the book.

What will participants learn?

  • the four day design sprint from start to finish
  • what it is good for and what are the principles
  • hand-ons exercises of the workshop activities
  • the tips and tricks used to make successful Design Sprint
  • a summary of prototyping day (using Figma)
  • how to run a successful user test
  • how to sell in the Design Sprint to your business
  • what your team should do after the Design Sprint

We'll also give you all the tools and templates to use so that your team can really start running Design Sprints immediately!

Design Sprint Training

What participants are saying

Buzz 1

"I found it so effective to do as I learn with activity and it helped embed learning as I went. It was proper learning, rather than training!"

Attendee, Quilter

Buzz 3

"An intense week with inspiring people, wrapping up with an outstanding Design Sprint session with Ross Chapman at Etch. Stepping forward into an amazing future. Can’t be more proud of being part of this team."

Zakaria Boumazguid
, Innovation Group

Buzz 2

"I not only learned a new method and why it works, but learned lots about the lives of my fellow attendees in the process."

Carla Groom, HM Government

About us

Etch Sprints was specifically started to meet a growing need from companies needing to use a better way of working to help meet customer expectations of value.

Choosing Etch Sprints as a consulting partner will enable your business to get outside knowledge, inside and enable that problem solving capability to grow with your own people.


Meet the trainer

Ross Chapman has ran an extensive range innovation programmes and design sprints with product teams, marketing agencies and brands to solve critical business problems.

He's been trained by Jake Knapp himself, the author of the acclaimed book 'Sprint.'

Ross Chapman

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2-day internal innovation training is priced from £5,000 + VAT for 10 attendees.

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