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Design Sprint Training

We can teach your team how to run design sprints so you can improve the speed of delivery and kickstart necessary innovation within your business with your own people.


What will you learn?

Discover how using design sprints can improve the speed of delivery, what type of projects it is suitable for and witness 'what it looks like' by following the process with one of our seasoned facilitators.

We teach entire teams how to use design sprints to improve the speed of decision-making, execute product ideas and onboard future design sprint facilitators.

See Etch talk about real case studies, the tips and tricks used to make successful design sprints and more about the four-day Sprint (also know as the design sprint 2.0).

Do you need to be a designer?

No, you don't need to be a designer to benefit from innovation training with the design sprint.

The best teams are the most diverse and can include a mix of product managers, CEOs, team leaders, designers and marketers.

Ou design sprint training will enable you to start facilitating design sprints, having learned the tips and methodology to give you confidence to lead and run sprints right away.


About us

Etch Sprints is a design sprint business committed to creating the best products on the market with the best teams around the world.

Starting in 2018, Etch Sprints is supported by Etch Group, a collection of people, agencies and partners that exist to redefine how traditional consultancies operate.

We share a lot of what we know about design sprints and product strategy in podcasts, videos and regular content to offer as much value as possible upfront.

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What do we offer?

We can teach your team about the design sprint and how to run them within your own business. There are two key ways to receive design sprint training from our Etch facilitators, usually run from our studio in London, UK.

Introduction to design sprints

Discover in just one day how design sprints could make your team work better together.

Our one day training event will demonstrate the value using the Design Sprint methodology.

Design sprint training bootcamp

Experience what it is like to run a design sprint before running your own within your business.

Over two days, learn how to facilitate the four-day Design Sprint, running through all of the exercises, and even start solving some of your own critical business problems in a safe environment.


Learn new ways of working and innovating as a team

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