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Everyone deserves to know when files are to be stored on equipment that they own, and when information about them may be stored and used. Read on to find out how we use cookies.


Our website stores a number of different cookies on the computer or device that you use to access our website. Cookies are small text files used by browsers to store small bits of information about a device or computer, such as preferred settings or preferred languages.

Cookies do not take up much space (unless you have thousands of them) and cannot contain viruses or other harmful code.

On our website we use a variety of these cookies to give users like you the best possible browsing experience. They include, but are not limited to: Keeping track of your preferences, collecting information about the performance of our website, providing enhanced website functionality, and for advertising purposes.

We use Double Click cookies to allow us to show personalised advertising to users in the future. If you wish to opt out of these cookies from Google, go to their information page. To opt out of additional third party cookies that perform this service, find information on this external website.

Cross platform advertising and user recognition

We also use Cookies provided by Facebook and Instagram. These Cookies operate in different ways but they are both used in connection with Etch Sprints advertising served to a user of the Etch Sprints web site on Facebook and Instagram, the recognition of such users and the devices used by the user to access Facebook, Instagram and the Etch Sprints web site.

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