Learn how to problem solve in 60 minutes

Keen to learn new ways of working to help with problem-solving? Want to get buy-in to run a Design Sprint?

Within 1 hour we can run the Note and Vote: An activity that demonstrates the best bits of the Design Sprint to help your teams solve genuine problems.

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Note and Vote

What is the Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is a week-long step-by-step process for answering critical product and business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

Developed at Google, and then GV, it is the best of business strategy, innovation, behaviour science, design thinking, and more — packaged into a way of working that any team can use.

What will you experience?

Invite Etch Sprints to your business and we'll run the 1-hour activity (maybe over a lunch-time learning session) that demonstrates the power of the Design Sprint.

It enables teams to try out activities familiar in the Design Sprint by collecting problems, creating solutions and prioritising to have an action plan to execute upon.

Design Sprints at Scale

"Thanks for your brilliant session - the teams loved it!"


Why use it?

The Note and Vote is a perfect activity to help teams start making decisions quickly. It takes the best bits of the Design Sprint and demonstrates the methodology in just 1 hour.

Once your colleagues have tried it, they may start to understand the merits of running a Design Sprint - a fantastic result!

Happy participant

What is the outcome?

At the end of the Note and Vote, you'll have a prioritised action plan of how to solve your most important problems within the short term.

You will also have the shared experience of trying a new way of working using the note and vote and prioritisation techniques common within the Design Sprint.

And if you're responsible with digital transformation and enabling better ways of working, you'll now have a fantastic case study - with your own people.

About us

Etch Sprints was specifically started to meet a growing need from companies needing to use a better way of working to help meet customer expectations of value.

Choosing Etch Sprints as a consulting partner will enable your business to get outside knowledge, inside and enable that problem solving capability to grow with your own people.


What people are saying


"I not only learned a new method and why it works, but learned lots about the lives of my fellow attendees in the process."

Carla Groom, HM Government


"I'd started reading the book and what I found really useful was actually the practical side of it. Having the verbal presentation then backed up with the workshop was very good!"

Claire Crombie, Rarely Impossible


"It was very different from what we expected in the sense that it addressed other areas of the business, not just the product."

Kurt Henderson, Nava


Talk to Ross about a running the Note and Vote with your team

We will run the 1 hour problem solving activity to help your team experience the best bits of the Design Sprint at your office or anywhere in the world remotely.

We run Note and Votes for free and for selected applicants. Teams should ideally be a minimum of 5 people up to groups of 50.

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