Start transforming to a business that constantly changes.

Access Etch's unique expertise and start to completely digitise your ways of working to improve business performance.


An alternative to digital transformation is here

Starting a new way of working is hard. Doing that inside a business with increasing pressure to deliver better outcomes is even harder.

Recognising that organisations need more support to unlock the efficiencies within digital, and that on average only 30% of transformations succeed, we now have a programme where teams can onboard, practice and start delivering outcomes in collaboration with our team of specialists.

It is designed to enable an organisation to continously assess, experiment and learn, ensuring that the business is always operating at optimum efficiency.

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How does it work?

We start by discovering how you currently work, what your business objectives are and what you want to achieve. Upon capturing your existing processes and creating a digital alternative, we can start measuring and uncovering the opportunities to improve, while upskilling your team on how to collaboration visually.

Once setup, we will then co-lead projects with your teams following the new process. Whether that's solving a critical business problem, refining a product strategy or validating a brand new idea.

Your business processes: Reimagined

Mapping out your current processes and discovering opportunities to make them more efficient, we convert to bespoke canvases and co-lead with your team to reach outcomes in a number of key situations.

Benefit from our experience using Mural, Microsoft Teams and other key apps to start gaining the performance improvements needed to compete.


Why work with Etch?

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Reduce uncertainty

Following battle-tested frameworks, Etch do without the endless debate cycle and compresses months of time into just a few days.

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Save time and cost

Validate assumptions and ideas with both your team and customers without the expense and time of building and launching.

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Take bigger risks

Etch enables teams to test out big ideas that help the business make giant leaps toward innovation.

Access Etch's unique business expertise

Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Head of Etch Sprints
Thomas Frame
Thomas Frame
Etch Group MD
Seth Campbell
Seth Campbell
Head of Innovation
Radostina Pancheva
Tina Pancheva
Sprint Designer

Unlock opportunities to improve performance and grow

The Etch Digital Programme is a viable alternative to deep business transformation and exposing opportunity to improve key business operations.

12 weeks

Etch Digital Programme

A programme for organisations to completely re-engineer how they approach business operations.

Digitise and perform better remotely

Using performance frameworks, we enable teams within your business to develop the practice for rapidly developing products and services.

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    Analyse: Audit existing off and online routine meetings/interactions followed by a digital maturity check
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    Frameworks: Digitise processes, create collaborative frameworks and create low-friction onboarding material
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    Resilience: Create an in-house leadership capability and playbooks to engage teams in consistent ways of working
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    Measure and report: Employ metrics to provide performance improvements and weekly reporting to management team
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    Outcomes: Each month tackling a different business function, including Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Business Strategy and Product Design

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