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Our remote coaching will help equip you and your team to confidently solve critical business problems, with the principles and tools to help you lead your first collaborative virtual workshops, whether you are working on business strategy, customer experience, products and services.


The way we work has changed

Over the past two years, we have facilitated and coached hundreds of people on the design sprint and the one question that keeps being asked is "how might I do this remotely"?

Remote work is fast becoming the new normal, with a nationwide survey in the U.S. reporting that an astounding 92% of workers say that video collaboration actually improves their team work.

And with increasing costs, time wasted organising logistics and even shorter lead times - teams need to push further and execute faster the innovation they so desperately need.

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Meet your remote coach

Ross Chapman is an Experience Design Consultant and Sprint Master from radical business consultancy Etch.

Ross runs the popular Google Global Remote Sprint Chapter, is a seasoned workshop trainer and has personally run over 50 design sprints and training workshops.

He partners with teams within businesses to execute strategies to work on the pressures that are facing the company and train people on better ways of solving problems.

Ross has written articles for the InVision blog, Net Magazine and UX Planet. He also presents the Etch Podcast, tackling subjects about organisational transformation and executing frameworks.

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Introducing Remote Work Coaching

Using techniques practiced over the past five years, we're taking the best of business strategy, innovation, behaviour science, design thinking, and more — packaged into a way of working that anyone can learn, wherever they are in the world.


With recent technology improvements, we're able to offer coaching for individuals, teams and organisations, no matter what your digital and strategic experience is.

We offer both public Live Web Classes and bespoke coaching, so however you prefer to learn, we have a method to help.

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