Remote Design Sprint Online Course

Run game changing Design Sprints without needing your team in the same place.

Remote Design Sprint

What is the Remote Design Sprint?

The Remote Design Sprint is a week-long process for answering big product problems and business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

It's essentially a way of working that reduces the risk of projects going over budget and beyond tight deadlines.

By creating a realistic prototype and testing it out with real people, you can discover whether the solution in mind is really the right one to invest further time and money into.

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What does the training look like?

Follow the updated Remote Design Sprint framework from Etch Sprints, a team that has run more than 40 Sprints with small to large businesses. This is the ultimate Design Sprint training available ONLINE for anyone across the World.

What is it? It's an online course designed to teach you the Remote Design Sprint and give you the confidence to start running your own Remote Design Sprints in your team or as a new service at your agency.

Find out when to use the modified virtual framework, what type of projects it is suitable for and witness 'what it looks like.'

Who is this course for?

  • product managers at medium to large companies
  • heads of UX and design
  • designers and researchers
  • agencies and facilitators who want to sell this as a service
  • remote or distributed teams
Remote Sketch

What you can expect

  • you’ll be participating in and learning the whole Remote Design Sprint beginning to end
  • learn how to design a digital prototype in one day with the design app Figma (even if you're not a designer!)
  • the right way of running user tests and getting actions from it
  • understand the principles of remote work and how to enable trust
  • tips on how to effectively communicate remotely
  • learn how to adopt the tools and activities to run the Remote Design Sprint
  • what activities to do synchronously and asynchronously work across timezones
  • the essential health and wellness exercises needed to help concentration and wellbeing
  • training from experts who do this day-in day-out

This course is great if...

  • you have a remote/distributed team
  • your team spends too much time discussing and too little time deciding
  • you want to learn techniques on how to gain group alignment
  • discovery phases and kick-offs seem unstructured, long and not rigourous enough
  • you find it costly travelling to training and accomodation costs
  • you were excited by Jake Knapp’s ‘Sprint’ book and want to know more

About us

Etch Sprints was specifically started to meet a growing need from companies needing to use a better way of working to help meet customer expectations of value.

Choosing Etch Sprints as a consulting partner will enable your business to get outside knowledge, inside and enable that problem solving capability to grow with your own people.

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