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Helping organisations grow further, faster

Unlocking the value of collaboration in teams with rapid innovation frameworks.

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Design is transforming business

Design-led businesses correlate to higher revenue growth and higher returns to shareholders, according to McKinsey.

While there’s no single way to lead with design, it requires strategic experience designers. They are the drivers that make design-led companies work today.

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Business transformation starts with people

According to the State of the Global Workplace report in 2018, 85% of employees are not engaged at work. The economic consequences of this global "norm" are approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity.

Redesigning how people work to improve that engagement can therefore have a massive impact within a business.

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About Etch Sprints

Recognising these symptoms, Etch Sprints help organisations transition to more effective business practice, through the advent of using robust business design frameworks.

We are change leaders, working with businesses to help them achieve greater outcomes and unlock value in their own people.

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