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Get ready to Sprint.

The Design Sprint is a week-long step-by-step process for answering critical product and business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

Developed at GV, it’s a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more—packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use.

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Unlock the skills that will produce the returns.

Working together in a sprint, you can shortcut the endless-debate cycle and compress months of time into a single week.

Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is any good, you’ll get clear data from a realistic prototype. The sprint gives you a superpower: You can fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions, before making any expensive commitments.

The Sprint.

Once the problem has been defined, we lead teams through a framework to get to greater outcomes.


1. Understand and define

Together, we understand the long term goal, define the challenges and produce a mass of solutions.


2. Curate and decide

We curate and vote on the best solutions together, deciding what should be in the prototype with a storyboard.


3. Prototype

Once we know what we are designing, we create the prototype and setup the user test scenarios.


4. Validate and learn

Testing the prototype with real people, we then use the feedback to create clear next steps in the form of a roadmap.

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“Sprints allow us to receive and act on user feedback early in the development process, thereby ensuring we reach our beneficiaries with solutions that truly respond to their core needs and to do this in a cost effective manner.”

Nasreen Dhanji, Head of Innovation at Save the Children UK
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Partner with Etch Sprints.

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Reduce uncertainty.

Following battle-tested frameworks, Sprints do without the endless debate cycle and compresses months of time into just a few days.

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Save time and cost.

Validate assumptions and ideas with both your team and customers without the expense and time of building and launching.

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Take bigger risks.

Sprints enable teams to test out big ideas that help the business make giant leaps toward innovation.

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Outcome focused.

The Sprint can be perfectly designed to meet a number of business critical situations, leading to better outcomes when the right activities are conducted. Here are a few examples we conduct:

2 weeks

Design Sprint

Generate and validate new solutions for a given challenge.

Solve critical business problems.

We use design sprints to create or improve digital products and business processes, with the first week discovering and learning and the second with iterating and defining next actions. Each week includes:

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    Phase 1: Problem framing, understand and define
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    Phase 2: Curate and decide
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    Phase 3: Prototype
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    Phase 4: Validate and learn
3 weeks

Strategy Sprint

Change direction, align and devise a strategic vision and future direction.

Create a shareable and understandable strategy.

Defining your strategy is an important part of planning while keeping grounded in user-centered needs.

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    Phase 1: Problem framing
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    Phase 2: Insights and analysis of market and customer
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    Phase 3: Customer interviews, brand, alignment, risks and assumptions
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    Phase 4: Roadmap, business model and tools
Trusted partner of high-performing organisations including:
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Partners value what we do.

Here's what our satisfied partners think of working with us.

“Thanks for your brilliant session [with the Note and Vote] - the teams loved it!”

Darragh Field

“I'd started reading the book and what I found really useful was actually the practical side of it. Having the verbal presentation then backed up with the workshop was very good! ”

Claire Crombie
Rarely Impossible

[The Note and Vote:] It was very different from what we expected in the sense that it addressed other areas of the business, not just the product.

Kurt Henderson

“I not only learned a new method and why it works, but learned lots about the lives of my fellow attendees in the process.”

Carla Groom
HM Government

“An intense week with inspiring people, wrapping up with an outstanding Design Sprint session with Ross Chapman at Etch. Stepping forward into an amazing future. Can’t be more proud of being part of this team.”

Zakaria Boumazguid

Innovation Group

“I found it so effective to do [learning the Design Sprint] as I learn with activity and it helped embed learning as I went. It was proper learning, rather than training!”


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