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What is the Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is a week-long step-by-step process for answering critical product and business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

Developed at Google, and then GV, it is the best of business strategy, innovation, behaviour science, design thinking, and more — packaged into a way of working that any team can use.

The 4-day Design Sprint

We run the four-day Design Sprint, which is often considered to be the update to the book.

Efficiencies have been made and new hacks introduced. For example, we only need the whole team for the first 2 days. Efficiencies like that mean it is even easier to Sprint!

Bring your team and we'll bring a seasoned faclitator and a designer to enable your team to think different and execute upon ideas - fast!

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Benefits to the Sprint

The Design Sprint is best used to enable teams to design a new product, create a new feature or improve existing features.

Speed up time to market

The Design Sprint helps teams gain focus, work together and execute ideas quickly. It does without the endless debate cycle and compresses months of time into just a few days.

Reduce cost and risk

You may be building too many features without knowing whether each are successful. Validate assumptions and product ideas with your team without the expense and time of building and launching.

Be more competitive

You may be worried about competitors innovating faster than you. By executing quickly you can enable your teams to make decisions with confidence.


What is the Design Sprint good for?

  • digital transformation
  • new app design
  • hardware products
  • organisational change
  • creative projects
  • business model validation
  • improving failing products
  • evaluating the success of a product feature
  • web projects
  • new startup ideas
  • large software products
  • the conversion flow of a checkout
  • revising internal design processes
  • better ways to organise team events
  • getting unstuck from a sticky decision
  • aligning the team
  • …and many others

What does it look like?

We use a four-day design sprint with teams, with only needing everyone together for the first two days.


1. Monday

Together, we understand the long term goal, define the challenges and produce a mass of solutions.


2. Tuesday

We curate and vote on the best solutions together, then define what should be in the prototype with a storyboard.


3. Wednesday

Once we know what we are designing, we create the prototype on our computers and setup the user test scenarios.


4. Thursday

Testing the prototype with real people, we then use the feedback to create clear next steps in the form of a product backlog.

What is the outcome?

The outcome is a human-tested clickable prototype which is not a "wireframe" or a "mockup" - it looks and feels like a real website or app with the benefit of having been tested in real life.

You will also have a product backlog - a list of all the things that need to be done next.

And finally, all of the decisions and documentation needed to move things forward in the form of a Sprint summary report.

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Success stories

We have run over 40 Design Sprints in complex and diverse industries such as financial services, technology startups and hospitality sectors.


Identifying users experience when choosing locations with wefindvenues.

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Understanding more about user needs with the Land Rover Explore: Outdoor phone.

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Setting out clear, measurable objectives and learning with a UK city council.

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What happens after the Sprint?

Once you have participated in the Sprint, you will have a much clearer idea of what needs to happen next within your business to take things forward.

We run an Iteration Week to work in the feedback, iterate and polish the solution, working in anything like brand guidelines and user testing once more.

After the Sprint, we will have a day to handover with your production team, ensuring everyone has what they need to execute the plan.


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