Discover whether you are working on the most important problem.

Start identifying and aligning on the key problems your organisation should focus on before committing time and money into production.


Are you solving the right problem?

Organisations are good at problem solving, but what they struggle with is figuring out what the most important problems are in the first place.

In a Harvard Business Review survey, 106 C-suite executives who represented 91 private and public-sector companies in 17 countries found that a full 85% strongly agreed or agreed that their organizations were bad at problem diagnosis, and 87% strongly agreed or agreed that this flaw carried significant costs.

The question then to ask is: How might we start solving the diagnosis of critical problems?

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Enabling your business to execute problem solving

Discovering critical business problems, challenging and prioritising them and then reframing as opportunities, enables teams to start solving the right problems - fast.

Problem Definition helps to brief the team on the work they need to execute, rather than tying together the problem and solution in the early stages of work definition.

Why work with Etch?

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Reduce uncertainty

Following battle-tested frameworks, Etch do without the endless debate cycle and compresses months of time into just a few days.

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Save time and cost

Validate assumptions and ideas with both your team and customers without the expense and time of building and launching.

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Take bigger risks

Etch enables teams to test out big ideas that help the business make giant leaps toward innovation.

Access Etch's unique business expertise

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Ross Chapman
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Thomas Frame
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Work on the right problems

The Etch Problem Definition workshop is our solution to enabling organisations to perform better by diagnosing the right problems, fast.

4 hours

Etch Problem Definition

Collect and identify critical business problems.

Define the problem you need to solve

Stop wasting money on vanity projects. The engagement includes:

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    Assumption gathering: Understand and defining the key issues affecting the business
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    Curate and Decide: As a group, aligning and deciding prioritised problems
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    Brief creation: Completing a template that describes the problem, the assumptions made and suggestive next steps

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